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  • Conan Exiles Dedicated Server
    Conan Exiles
    starting at 89 Cent / Slot
    choose between 10 and 70 slots
    free 10 gb storage for maps & mods
    always up-to-date
    Order now and start playing immedtiately
  • Farming Simulator
    Landwirtschafts Simulator 17
    starting from 64 cent / slot
    available from 4 to 16 slots
    official Farming Simulator webinterface
    All mods and DLC available
    Order by prepaid and start playing now
  • ARK Survival Evolved
    Ark Survival Evolved
    from 58 cent each slot
    Servers start with minimum of 10 slots
    Up to 120 slots possible
    All DLC included
    Order now and start playing
  • The gamed!de Minecraft Your Minecraft Server!
      free slot count
      flexible RAM
      many mods available
      MySQL database option
      Multi-Voiceserver option


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Our highlights

Get awsesome technology "made in Germany" for your game server.

Our server, we now offer throughout Europe. To allow you a unique gaming experience on perfect servers, we have expanded our locations in Europe. Our data center´s in Poland, Russia and Spain are now online and more locations worldwide will follow in the near future.

We offer you quality game servers and voice servers with a peak 24/7 support. Each game server is hosted on high-end server systems from Intel to ensure best quality and availability for your game server. An exchange between the server locations is possible at any time.

Favorite Games

Battlefield 4


Why choose gamed!de

Via the ticketsystem we support alle customers arround the clock 24/7 At our business hours you can phone us on our hotline.
The only real match servers of the ESL Pro Series are available from gamed!de - Game Server, because only we are the official hoster of the ESL
We are host server in our own datacenter. At the moment we are hosting in 4 locations in europe, düsseldorf, madrid, warsaw and moscow In the near future we will host Servers world wide.
We are one of the serverhosters for EA Rankedserver, worldwide only a small couple of hosters are certified to host these servers.

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