Affordable Webspace for your own website at gamed!

Get your own webspace for your website!

You need affordable webspace to run your own clan web page or board. The accessibility, disc storage size and speed of your webspace play an important role for the design of your web site. But all other offered features are important as well. All of our Webspace offers come with PHP 7.

You can select from different packages depending on the size of your planned web page. If you think you'll get several thousand visitors or just run a small site for your friends and your family: we have all kind of pages covered with our various webspace offters.

Webspace XS

  • Storage 10 GB
  • Traffic 500 GB
  • MYSQL-DB 1
  • Mail Accounts 5

€ 2,99

each month
order now

Webspace S

  • Storage 20 GB
  • Traffic 1000 GB
  • MYSQL-DB 3
  • Mail Accounts 10

€ 4,99

each month
order now

Webspace L

  • Storage 50 GB
  • Traffic 2000 GB
  • MYSQL-DB 5
  • Mail Accounts 20

€ 7,49

each month
order now

Webspace XL

  • Storage 100 GB
  • Traffic 10000 GB
  • MYSQL-DB 10
  • Mail Accounts 50

€ 9,99

each month
order now

Affordable webspace at gamed!

You can easily install full websites or email accounts with our webspace offers. In contrast to free webspace solutions we can offer a high quality service and many other interesting features for your website. Our webspace is free of ads while you usually get ads for yourself and your visitors if you use a free webspace. Only you decide what your visitors will see on your page. 

Webspace features and services

You can install different CMS (Content-Management-System) Wordpress and Joomla on your webspace with a simple click. In addition the required databases are already provided as well. The administration is done with our comfortable webinterface. Email accounts can be set up with a single click as well and you can use your own domain to create any email address that you want to. Sending mails is then done by Imap, POP3 or our webmail interface.

Uploading images and files is done by any FTP programm. You have full access to all folders and files.

Use your webspace as a file a FastDownload server for games. In several games you can boost the ingame download speed of sounds and graphics if friends connect to your game server. Webspace helps you to increase the speed because these files are downloaded from your webserver and not through the game.

The webspace can also become your personal cloud. Upload your important files like pictures, music and documents to your webspace and you can always access them as a backup in case that you lost your files.

Webspace FAQ:

Webspace contract or prepaid?

We provide the webspace as prepaid or contract. If you order it by prepaid then there is no need to cancel your service - it will simply get deactivated if you do not renew it or decide to stop paying for your service. You will be informed in advance before you're webspace is about to run out.

When can I access my webspace?

The webspace will be accessable within few minutes after we have received the first payment.

Is there a contract duration?

The minimum contract duration is one month. If you have ordered by contract then you need to cancel your contract 30 days before its renewal. If you have ordered by prepaid then there is no need to cancel your service.