The Connection

Our servers are connected to the Internet via the 120 Gbit backbone of our sister company, fibre one networks. Many independent carriers (Arcor, Deutsche Telekom AG, Lambdanet, Colt, Cogent, Interoute Deutschland, etc.) are connected to the backbone. Additionally, there are peerings with nearly all the important carriers on many exchange points, like DE-CIX and ECIX. We thus have a direct connection to all the major access providers, like 1und1, Telefonica, Freenet, QSC and many more!

Thanks to fully-automated configuration and redundant designs, the loss of individual carriers or routers will not affect our service as a whole.

Our backbone consists of multiple redundantly designed Cisco 7609 routers. The routers themselves are failure-proofed with double or even quad redundant components and just one such device is enough to ensure very high availability. Thanks to our fallback routers, we’ve been able to increase our network availability to nearly 100%.


We’re also not dependent on third parties thanks to our connection via our sister company, fibre one networks. In the event of a major event, this ensures that there will be no delays caused by third parties.