Rent your root server with the Plesk management tool by Parallels!


Plesk 12 für Rootserver

Now at gamed! Root server with the new Parallels Plesk to easily manage and administrate websites and domains on your web server.

The newest version of Plesk was optimised for webspace administration and was build for the requirements of todays requirements for web professionals. With the newest version of Plesk the management of your websites becomes much easier. Server hosting or administration of webpages and domains becomes child's play thanks to Plesk. You can simply setup webspace on your rootserver by using the Plesk Webpanel and install websites or mailboxes by simple clicks.Plesk runs parallel to our Gameserver Interface and gives you the advantage to install Webserver and Gameserver without having any Linux background knowledge.

Plesk Webadmin Edition

The Gameserver and Plesk Interface come pre-installed on all root servers.
The webedition includes the following features:

  • Administrate up to 10 Domains
  • Install webpages with a single click
  • Plesk Mobile Manager
  • Server-To-Site-Protection
  • Power-User-View (for Admins) Manage customized user views
  • Security Core with ModSecurity rules
  • SeverShield by CloudFlare
  • Outbound Antispam Features

The webinterface of Plesk gives you all possibilites to setup webspace and webpages. Customizing and administrating your websites becomes very easy and you can also install a CMS wie like WordPress or Joomla with a single click. Plesk does also support you in creating and managing SQL Databases. If you install a webpage from the Plesk Panel, all required steps will be handled by Plesk itself and you only have to log in to your new page and design it.

E-Mail with Plesk

Create a mailserver for all of your domains, manage redirects and create new mailboxes with the Plesk Panel. You can easily setup Imap or POP3 mailboxes and protect your mail addresses from spam. Plesk will always install new security updates and keep your server protected from unwanted attacks.

Administrate your server on the go with the Plesk Mobile-App

You can use the Plesk Mobile Manager on the way to check your server. Download the App to your Smartphone or Tablet and you can view your website statistics or administrate your webpages, mails and domains while you're travelling.

Security for your web pages

Plesk is guarding your root server and web pages from incoming attacks. Automated security updates will help to close any known server side exploits. Additional security features are monitoring your web pages and the requests to your server. The Fail2Ban protect your Server System will also protect you from botnets or network attacks. All of your websites are guarded by the "ModSecurity" firewall which can detected incoming attacks and block them. Plesk can also protected your server with ServerShield™ - by Cloudflare protect your Server from hackers, spammers and DDOS attacks. Outbound Antispam prohibits outgoing spam and keeps your server safe from getting added to blacklists. This is important to send and receive emails or otherwise your mails would get blocked. blacklists.