Windows managed Dedicated Rootserver

gamed!de offers you from now on new Windows Root Server with Gameserverinterface

The advantage that only a root server has:

Performance only for you! On your root server are no other customers, such as on a game server host system. So you have the entire performance of the server without exception.

Which games are available in the Windows gameserver interface?

We offer all Windows based game servers, which we offer on our website, also for our root servers. Among them are for example the following games: Farming Simulator 2019, DayZ, ECO Global Survival, Conan Exiles, Space Engineers or Arma 3.

Why are the Windows root servers more expensive than Linux root servers?.

From the hardware point of view, Windows Root Servers do not differ from comparable Linux Root Servers. The higher price is due to the Windows license. All required licenses for both Windows and the games are already included in the price.


AMD Entry

  • Festplatte 2x 120 GB SSD
  • Hersteller Ryzen Pro 1700x
  • CPU Ryzen Pro 1700x 8x 3,7 GHz
  • RAM 32GB DDR4
  • Anbindung 1000 Mbit Gamerflat

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Intel Entry

  • Festplatte 2x 240 GB SSD
  • Hersteller Intel Core i7
  • CPU i7 7700k 8x 4.2Ghz
  • RAM 32GB DDR4
  • Anbindung 1000 Mbit Gamerflat

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  • Festplatte 2x 480 GB SSD
  • Hersteller Ryzen 7 3700x
  • CPU Ryzen 7 3700x 8x 3,9 GHz
  • RAM 64GB DDR4
  • Anbindung 1000 Mbit Gamerflat

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Cinebench R23

Managed Windows Root Server

Our Windows Root Servers are ordered as fully managed servers. What does this mean? It means that the complete management of the server is done exclusively through our own web interface. Gameserver and Voiceserver can be installed and managed automatically. If there are any problems with the hardware or software, you will get full support from us. In short: We take care that everything runs and you have fun.


Failure safety and redundancy

The high-end hardware of the root server you rent from us allows you to always have a reliable and stable operation of your gaming server and voice server. Our redundant network provides you with the best possible performance at all times. The power supply in our data center is also redundant to provide your root server with the necessary energy and is constantly monitored.

We operate our own data center in Düsseldorf and have direct access to the infrastructure and use our own core router. Unlike most game server providers who rent into data centers and only manage their servers remotely, we can help you immediately in case of problems. We don't rely on support from service providers, but manage our technology and hosting directly on-site or remotely via our desktop. Our service is, of course, free of charge, available around the clock and via the ticket system.


D-Dos Protection for your Hosting

The servers are included in our DDoS Protection and thus protected from unnecessary downtime. Many hosters repeatedly experience problems with D-DoS attacks, causing servers to fail. All servers run behind our DDO's Protection and attacks on our servers are filtered directly without the need to block the root servers. Downtime due to DDoS attacks should be a thing of the past, protection is completely free and included.


Connection to the Internet

All root servers are hosted in our data center in Düsseldorf. At this location we have an excellent infrastructure with a very high security standard. Our root servers are connected to the Internet via the backbone network created by myloc managed IT AG, which offers the highest bandwidths and lowest latencies with 1340 Gbit. Our routers themselves are designed to be fail-safe through multiple components and enable very high availability.


Air conditioning and fire protection

Redundantly designed air conditioning systems in our data center Düsseldorf ensure reliable cooling of the root servers. Climate cabinets ensure a constant temperature between 19 and 24 degrees and controlled humidity. By using cold/hot aisle technology, the air conditioning technology operates highly efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. The entire air conditioning system is monitored around the clock via the building control system and our remote monitoring systems.

Extensive fire protection measures characterize our data center in Düsseldorf.

A highly sensitive fire alarm system monitors both the data center and the office areas.

In the event of a fire, argon gas extinguishing systems immediately ensure that IT and technology are gently extinguished. Data loss due to extinguishing water is thus not possible.


Power supply and UPS

We are connected to the medium-voltage network of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, and our own transformer systems in the data center ensure power supply via the utility company's network even in the event of a power failure. In case of a power supply failure, our diesel generators are activated immediately and supply the existing battery-buffered UPS system with power again, so that the power supply of the rented root server is guaranteed at any time. Your root server is thus supplied with power in a fail-safe manner.


Farming Simulator Gameserver

LS servers can be installed on the Windows root server. However, only up to a maximum of 64 slots in total. What does that mean exactly? It means that you can install as many LS servers as you like until all your installed servers have reached the maximum number of 64 slots.