VPS rental for your projects: host own websites, game servers and voice servers for a low budget

You want to host your own webseite or need several game servers?
Rent our high performance virtual private servers. The cheap alternative to dedicated root servers!

gamed! provides different VPS offers - each with a unique performance for a low budget. Whether you want to host your own website or install an additional Teamspeak 3 or several game servers: our VPS products always offer the right power.A virtual server is the affordable alternative solution to a dedicated server. If you don't want to rent an own dedicated server but still want to host different services then our VPS products are your perfect choice: best value for little money.Depending on what you want to host we can provide you with different virtual server packages. A small VPS for a website or your voiceserver and powerful VPS to host several gameservers and many webpages.

Get your own VPS now with the free decision of what to host.

VServer XS

  • 2 vCores guaranteed
  • 2 GB Ram guaranteed
  • 200 GB storage space
  • 1 backup slot

€ 6,99

ab € / month
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VServer S

  • 5 vCores guaranteed
  • 6 GB Ram guaranteed
  • 500 GB storage space
  • 3 backup slots

€ 14,99

ab € / month
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VServer L

  • 10 vCores guaranteed
  • 16 GB Ram guaranteed
  • 750 GB storage space
  • 5 backup slots

€ 19,99

ab € / month
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supports ARK Survival Evolved

VServer XL

  • 16 vCores guaranteed
  • 24 GB Ram guaranteed
  • 1000 GB storage space
  • 10 backup slots

€ 29,99

ab € / month
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Bitte beachte vor der Bestellung: Spiele die viel Leistung benötigen, wie bspw. ARK und Palworld, können teilweise auf unseren V-Servern anfangen zu Laggen. In dem Fall empfehlen wir einen Dedizieren Server (Root Server). Gerne könnt ihr auch einmal bei uns Anfragen, solltet ihr euch bei dem gewünschten Spiel nicht sicher sein.

What is my advantage with a gamed! VPS?

What is my advantage with a gamed! VPS?

the gamed! VPS are designed for high performance demanding applications like game servers. Other services like web server, mail server or voice servers will also profit from this strong performance. You can rent other webinterfaces that will help you to administrate your virtual server like our gamed! webinterface or Plesk / Odin. Needless to say every customer can administrate their VPS with by SSH as well, it is your decision. We recommend to install one game server for each one core if you're planning to host gameservers. Of course you can install more game servers if you want to, but the performance may suffer. Games like ARK demand a lot of RAM and because of this ARK can only be installed on the VPS L and upwards.

If you lack the Linux knowledge to install game servers on your own or if you simply don't want to use the SSH console then you can rent our gamed! Webinterface for your VPS. With this interface you can easily install several gameservers with only 2 clicks:

List of available games for your VPS


Virtual private server features:

  • guaranteed vCores, guaranteed RAM, no sharing or perfomance loss
  • redundant disc space on our hybrid-cloud-storage
  • 2 Gbit connection maximum, 100 Mbit are always guaranteed
  • traffic flat without restrictions
  • 1 IPv4 included
  • 1 IPv6 included (/64)
  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu 22.04, Debian 11, Debian 12
  • Backup storage for your full rented storage capacity
  • free webinterface to administrate your VPS
  • gamed! webinterface for game servers (2,99 €) and Plesk/Odin (9,50 €) available
  • full SSH access


Our VPS hardware

gamed! VPS customers are hosted on selected high peforming hardware components. We rely on Intel Xeon systems which are integrated in our virtual server cluster. We use our own developed Hybrid-Cloud-Storage solution with SSD Caches to store all of your files. This technology allows a very fast read and write access which helps to boost the performance of Minecraft and ARK Servers because they depend on a fast access.

Plesk webinterface (available)

Our VPS products are also the best solution for website and email hosting with the Plesk webinterface. If you rent this interface then you get a powerful and still easy to user tool which helps you to administrate your webpages, email servers and even domains. You can select Plesk during the order process or afterwards from within your customer web interface.

gamed! webinterface for game servers (available)

Currently our VPS support the installation of Ubuntu and Debian. Because of the Linux operating system you can install any existing Linux game server on your own that you want to. Otherwise you can use our gamed! webinterface which allows you to install many game servers automatically with only two clicks. You can see the list of available games (within our interface) here: List of available games

You can also install a Teamspeak 3 server with our webinterface. The server has a maximum slot count of 32. If you have your own license you can use it host more slots.



Virtual Server FAQ

vServer contract or prepaid?

We offer our VPS servers as prepaid products without any contracts. As soon as you stop paying for your server it will simply go offline. You will be informed in that your server will soon be disabled and that you can extend the remaining duration by an incoming payment. You can still order the VPS as a contract product if you want invoices.

Time until I can access my server?

You will be able to access your ordered server as soon as we have received your payment.

What is the contract duration?

The minimum contract duration is 1 month and then you can cancel the contract 30 days before its renewal. If you have ordered the server as a prepaid product and there is no cancellation required.