Rent an Minecraft Server

Rent a Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a game in which the player is plunked down in a large 3D landscape. The world consists almost entirely of cubes that can be manipulated in various ways and used to build things.

The world of Minecraft consists of cubes, each made of a single material, like dirt, wood or various ores. Nearly all the blocks can be mined and can be added to your inventory either just as they are or as a processed product. The blocks can be recombined nearly anywhere in the world, in various combinations, and enable the player to build things like tools, weapons and armor.

The game has a twenty-minute day-night rhythm. While there’s hardly any danger of running into a monster like a zombie during the day, creatures swarm out at night and attack the player. The player is thus forced to build a safe hiding place from the get-go.

 There’s no fixed server for multiplayer mode, so everyone is free to rent their own game server and play on independent worlds. There’s a public server list for classic mode. For survival mode you’ll need to know the IP address and port of the server you want to play on. You can rent high-quality Minecraft game servers right from gamed!de - Gameserver.

Available Mods:

  • Minecraft - Bukkit
  • Minecraft - Feed The Beast Lite
  • Minecraft - Feed The Beast Ultimate
  • Minecraft - Feed The Beast Unleashed
  • Minecraft - Hexxit
  • Minecraft - Tekkit
  • Minecraft - Tekkit Lite
  • StarMade 



Minecraft Server Spec´s

  • Hardware Intel Xeon Server
  • Software Ubuntu
  • GB RAM 1-16
  • GB RAM / ab 5,00 €


  • Voiceserver Option TS3, Mumble, Ventrilo
  • Fastdownload Option 1-5 GB 2€
  • Database Option MYSQL 2€


Server addons



Dedicated Server



TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble



Database, Fastdownload, TV-Server

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