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  • BF Hardline Unbeatable Price 0,45 € per slot!
    Battlefield Hardline Logo
    up to 64 slot
    free Layer Server, GSManager
    Procon Layer Option
    Teamspeak Option 15 cent per slot
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  • Killing Floor 2 Early Access
      6 Slots
      from 4,99 €
      Early Access Server
      all current updates
      Server can be kept after full release
  • The gamed!de Minecraft Your Minecraft Server!
      free slot count
      flexible RAM
      many mods available
      MySQL database option
      Multi-Voiceserver option


Ranked, EPS, Premium Gameserver



TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble



Dedicated Server



Database, Fastdownload, TV-Server

Fitting payment method for anyone

Our highlights

Get awsesome technology "made in Germany" for your game server.

Our server, we now offer throughout Europe. To allow you a unique gaming experience on perfect servers, we have expanded our locations in Europe. Our data center´s in Poland, Russia and Spain are now online and more locations worldwide will follow in the near future.

We offer you quality game servers and voice servers with a peak 24/7 support. Each game server is hosted on high-end server systems from Intel to ensure best quality and availability for your game server. An exchange between the server locations is possible at any time.

Favorite Games

Battlefield 4


Why choose gamed!de

Via the ticketsystem we support alle customers arround the clock 24/7 At our business hours you can phone us on our hotline.
The only real match servers of the ESL Pro Series are available from gamed!de - Game Server, because only we are the official hoster of the ESL
We are host server in our own datacenter. At the moment we are hosting in 4 locations in europe, düsseldorf, madrid, warsaw and moscow In the near future we will host Servers world wide.
We are one of the serverhosters for EA Rankedserver, worldwide only a small couple of hosters are certified to host these servers.

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