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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Rent a Condition Zero Server

Counter-Strike is an online tactical PC shooter. CS began as a mod of the first-person shooter Half-Life and spread like wildfire through LAN parties and the Internet. The game pits terrorists and counter-terror units against each other. Counter-Strike has become one of the most popular and frequently-played online action games and it’s the most-played game in e-sports. Counter-Strike’s long-running popularity is and was unusual – despite its age and the seemingly outdated graphics, it continues to endure. 

Server Spec´s

  • Hardware Intel Xeon Server
  • Software Ubuntu
  • Slot 4-32
  • Slot / from 0,59 €


  • Voiceserver Option TS3, Mumble, Ventrilo
  • Fastdownload Option 1-5 GB 2€
  • Database Option for ranks or stats 2€

Performance - EPS


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