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ProCon Layer Server for BF3 and BFBC2

ProCon Layer Server for BF3 and BFBC2

Procon is the state of the art for your BF-BC2 or BF3 gameserver. Using inovative layer-technology the server can be administrated using plugins when your PC is shut down. Also there is a extensive right management system which allows you to give admin-privilegues to clan members.

4x 3,4 Ghz (INTEL Core i7)
16.384 MB Ram
BF3 Limited Edition inkl. *
16 - 64 Slots
Voiceserver 1/2 Preis
ab 14,99 € / Monat

Dazu Nick Müller, German Sales, Licensing & Billing Parter MyRcon Pty Ltd: "Wir freuen uns, gamed!de - Gameserver zu unseren offiziell lizensierten Hostingprovidern für Procon zählen zu können, und hoffen auf eine gelungene Zusammenarbeit".

Maximilian Paulußen, Betreiber von und Beta-Tester der gamed!de Procon Server meint dazu: "Procon erlaubt mir als Community-Betreiber eine absolut stressfreie Administration meiner Gameserver. Kein anderes Admintool bietet Layer, Procon ist also das einzige 24/7 Admintool! Die gamed!de - Server laufen gewohnt sehr stabil und die Verwaltung über das Webinterface ist kinderleicht."

Battlefield 3 ProCon

At gamed!de - Gameserver you become together with the Battlefiled 3 Ranked Server and ProCon Layer the complete Package for your BF3 experience.

You can customize your Pro-Con layer according to your needs. 20 Plugins are available, 10 are directly bundled with ProCon:Frostbite. For example those are: welcome message, high-ping-kicks, mixed gamemodes, ingame admin and many more.

Every plugin can be configured separately with many various options. Procon does it right, has many features and is extendable by plugins. On the other side it is clearly desinged and structured.

Gamed!de-gameserver […] offers the Procon-Layer Server! For gamed!de-gameserver customers we offer a preferential price at € 2,99. The price for customers of other BF3 hosters is € 4,99.