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TS3 Server Rental, instant setup on Teamspeak 3 Servers at cheap prices

Teamspeak server hosting, no contract to tie you down - just order anonymously and pay via PayPal, paysafecard or telephone.

Our TeamSpeak 3 Server has been hotly anticipated. Now it’s here and it exceeds all expectations. Perfect usability, top latencies, comprehensive and innovative features. No question: TeamSpeak is back! Now stronger than ever. And with our TeamSpeak 3 server, you also get an additional 500 MB of file space. All without any traffic or bandwidth limits. All the TeamSpeak 3 server codecs are available. You can backup and restore your TeamSpeak 3 server via our web interface.

New Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting Features

The Teamspeak 3 Server offers new, innovative features in the voice server arena.The full version has been available for some time now, supported by ever-growing numbers of users.  The TS3 server hosting technology has been adapted to the newest requirements and is currently the most-used voice tool among gamers. The TeamSpeak server is the tool of choice for pro clans and guilds that use the voice tool for World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike.

Why choose a TeamSpeak 3 Server from Gamed?

TS3 servers from Gamed offer you optimal performance in every battle. The very low latencies and the perfect voice quality speak for themselves.

  • You can use the various codecs on the TeamSpeak 3 server as much as you like without impacting in-game performance.
  • The fileserver can be used to make files on the TeamSpeak server available to other users.
  • All the banners and host names can be changed on our TS3 servers.
  • You can reset user rights for your TeamSpeak 3 server via our user interface.
  • Gamed offers you a backup system for your TeamSpeak server that you can administer via our web interface.
  • You can make backups of your TeamSpeak server any time and restore them via the web interface with just a few clicks.

TeamSpeak Server Updates

We install updates on all TeamSpeak servers as quickly as possible. The TS3 server is continually being improved and updates are regularly released by TeamSpeak. The client updates are available directly from the TeamSpeak website – Gamed has made its own download servers available directly from the TeamSpeak website.

TeamSpeak Operating System

TeamSpeak offers a TeamSpeak 3 client for all the major operating systems.There are TeamSpeak clients for Windows, Mac and Linux – and even for Android and iOS as well.

TS3 Server spec´s

  • Hardware Intel Xeon Server
  • Software Linux Ubuntu
  • Slot 4-250 / Slot
  • Slot / ab 0,15 €


  • Musicbot 2,99 € 1-20 GB Space

TS3 Server Preise

  • TS3 Server mit 4 Slots ab 0,60 €
  • TS3 Server mit 6 Slots ab 0,90 €
  • TS3 Server mit 8 Slots ab 1,20 €
  • TS3 Server mit 10 Slots ab 1,50 €
  • TS3 Server mit 12 Slots ab 1,80 €
  • TS3 Server mit 20 Slots ab 3,00 €
  • TS3 Server mit 50 Slots ab 7,50 €
  • TS3 Server mit 100 Slots ab 15,00 €
  • TS3 Server mit 200 Slots ab 30,00 €

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