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Become a cop or criminal in Battlefield Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combines intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama.

Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield will you blow the foundations of a dam or reduce an entire skyscraper to rubble. Only in Battlefield will you lead a naval assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

Minecraft is a computer game in which the player is put into a very large 3D landscape. The world consists almost entirely of cubes, which can be edited in different ways. For multiplayer mode, there are no predetermined game server, it can instead of each hire a private game server and play on an independent world. In Classic mode, there is a public server list in Survival mode has IP address and port of the server you want to be known.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the next evolution of the team-based action gameplay pioneered by Counter-Strike 12 years ago. CS: GO offers new maps, characters and weapons while also improving many of the classic CS game elements (de_dust, etc.). What’s more, CS: GO introduces new game modes, matchmaking, ranking lists and other new elements. You can rent your own CS: GO server NOW on gamed!de - Gameserver!

Arma 3 is a tactical shooter set in the near future. It’s the latest release from Bohemia Interactive. The game is currently in alpha, with a 20,000 km² map named “Stratis”, and can be purchased for around €25 euros. The dedicated server files recently became available – we were able to start testing them for you a month before the official release and we’re working hard with Bohemia to improve the stability of the game and generate a “stable” release.

Welcome to Chernarus – a 225 km² fully-traversable post-Soviet city that’s been struck by a previously unknown virus which has exterminated most of mankind. You’re one of the few survivors and must search the wasteland while fending off the infected. Fight alone or on a team, or just do whatever you want in this brutal world. Use any means to survive. This is DayZ! This is your destiny!”

Server for Farming Simulator 2013 (FS 13 Server ) The wait is over! Are you a fan of the Farming Simulator series or do you love high-class sims that are tons of fun? Then you’re in luck, because the beloved, successful franchise has finally gotten its next chapter and it’s all set for your PC. Farming Simulator 2013 offers more than just improved graphics – it’s also packed with new features and improvements.