Outlaws of the Old West

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Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Survive the wild, build your own homestead, defeat villainous bandits and work with others to tame the Wild West. 


Multiple biomes and changing weather affect not only the types of resources you can harvest, but also the animals you encounter.

The scale of the environment and harsh climates will challenge the player's knowledge of the land and ability to survive.

Launching with an initial massive play area of 144km^2 that will only get larger it's easy to get lost in the wilderness. 


Use anything you can get your hands on to survive.

Satisfy your basic needs such as hunger and thirst and protect yourself against dangerous predators like animals, bandits, and other players. 

Preperation, wit, and a strong gumption are necessary to withstand the harsh environment.

The temperature and climates will also affect your ability to survive so be sure to bundle up!


With a real-time day to night cycle, temperature, and changing weather, one must be prepared to endure the elements. 

After the sun sets, nocturnal wildlife and lower visibility make for a fun and different experience. 

Be prepared for a frigid night as temperature will drop!


A multitude of tools are at your disposal to craft, farm, or build your own home. 

There is a tool for every need. 

As you progress, you will discover there are many uses for each.


From arrows to bullets to buckshot, dozens of weapons and ammo types can be crafted to hunt or fend off unwanted guests.

With melee to long range, there is a weapon to suit your every need.

Go wild with explosives if you're feeling destructive or use a slingshot to get the job done quietly!


A plethora of varying wildlife roam throughout the land. 

Some species may even be tamed.

Make sure you are properly equipped as not all are friendly!


Hunt animals for survival.

Gather their resources to satisfy hunger or even dress your character.

However, if you are unprepared, you may find yourself dinner for a hungry critter!


Enjoy leisure time with some good old-fashioned fishing. 

Try your luck with a rod or fish traps, but you will most likely need some bait first!


Use your tools to craft items, chop trees for wood, farm the land or mine for precious minerals and ore.


Build your very own cabin in the woods or a ranch for you and your posse.

The land to build on is boundless, any area you can walk on can be a perfect place for your new home or business!

The structural support system, ability to rotate at any angle, and destruction tools make for a more realistic building process.

A detailed and in-depth modular building system makes it all possible


Mix and match hundreds of clothing and items to create your own personalized Wild West fashion.

Craft as many outfits as you want and you'll never have to wear the same thing twice!


What is travel in the Old West without a horse? 

Find a desirable mount and tame it to make it your very own. 

Don't forget to give it a name.


Trade with other players to create a thriving community. 

If you trade through the Auction House, you may end up having a bidding war with fellow players. 

Though be careful who you do business with in lawless lands.


Craft wagons to transport large amounts of goods to distant locations.

Set off on a journey through the west or sell a ride to a stranger.

The utility of wagons in the west should not be overlooked.


Fend off crazed miners while mining for riches.

We all hope to strike gold!


Gain experience through your actions in the game and level up your character's stats to become the toughest in the west.

Careful of your actions they will affect your player's morality.

You may become wanted and NPC bounty hunters will be on your tail.

Players may also seek to claim the bounty on your head, if you're an outlaw.

Outlaws server specs

  • Hardware Intel Xeon Server
  • Software Windows Server
  • Slot 10 to 70
  • Slot / from 0,75 €


  • Voiceserver available TS3, Mumble, Ventrilo
  • 10 GB disc storage for maps and mods
  • Updates always up to date
  • immediately online after incoming payment


Server addons



Dedicated Server



TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble



Database, Fastdownload, TV-Server

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