Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server rental

Rent a Global Offensive Server

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the next evolution of the team-based action gameplay pioneered by Counter-Strike 12 years ago.

CS: GO offers new maps, characters and weapons while also improving many of the classic CS game elements (de_dust, etc.). What’s more, CS: GO introduces new game modes, matchmaking, ranking lists and other new elements. You can rent your own CS: GO server NOW on gamed!de - Gameserver!


Are the servers fully functional?

Yes, the servers are fully functional. It’s possible that in the course of updates some options will be disabled or that the server will become unstable in general.

What will happen to my beta server when CS:GO launches?

Your CS:GO server will be continually updated and thus seamlessly transitioned from a beta server to a full-fledged, dedicated CS:GO server without any action on your part.

What kind of admin tools are available for CS:GO?

At the moment you can administer your Counter-Strike: GO server with HLSW. You’ll find HLSW in our download archive. Visit the download archive here.

I don’t have a beta key – can I still play CS:GO?


The full version of CS:GO is now available. If you don’t have CS:GO, you can install a whole slew of games on our game servers. You’ll find a complete overview here.

CS:GO Server Spec´s

  • Hardware Intel Xeon Server
  • Software Ubuntu
  • Slot 4-32
  • Slot / ab 0,59 €


  • Voiceserver Option TS3, Mumble, Ventrilo
  • Fastdownload Option 1-5 GB 2€
  • Database Option for ranks or stats 2€
  • Available locations Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain


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Server addons



Dedicated Server



TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble



Database, Fastdownload, TV-Server

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