Datacenter Location

All servers are located in our datacenter in Düsseldorf. This location offers excellent infrastructure with very high security standards. That means that our future growth is safe for years to come.

The Facts


  • Modern datacenter
  • 170 Gbit backbone with autonomous systems
  • Redundant Layer 3 backbone router
  • At least 99.9% network uptime guaranteed
  • Brand-name hardware
  • Lampertz security room
  • Argon gas fire suppression system
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Redundant electricity supply
  • USV facility and emergency diesel generators
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Multi-level access controls and video monitoring

myLoc managed IT AG has been a company of WIIT S.p.A. since 2020. Based in Italy and present in the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (WIIT.MI), WIIT deals with IT clouds for business critical applications. With the acquisition of myLoc the project CLOUD4EUROPE was started with the background to become the cloud provider for business critical applications within Europe.