GSManager for gameservers

The new GSManager for Battlefield and Call of Duty game servers

The GSManager is a tool like the Procon Admin plugin to administrate your Battlefield server - but the GSManager can do a lot more.

The GSManager is not only your administration tool for battlefield servers but it can also be used for games like Call of Duty. Many COD admins do still know the Manu Adminmod. This mod has evolved and does now also support BF3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. It is planned to add more games and voice servers to the GSManager. The GSManager will become to "all in one" tool administrate your gameserver.

The GSManager is developed in coorperation with gamed! and we are proud to deliver it exclusively to our customers for the Battlefield Hardline release.

GS Manager Layer Server

  • Hardware Intel Xeon
  • Software Linux
  • Slot 1
  • Slot / ab 2,99 €

The best Admin Plugin for your BF Hardline Server

It offers you administrative functions to manage your server much easier and faster than ever before and extends the server functionality with several useful shortcuts like kicking / banning players, switch maps, change the server configuration or receive additional information about your players. And you can do this all in real-time on the server.

The GSManager provides access to many functions over different interfaces. You can create different rights for players that they can use while they play on your server. Handing over your RCON password to your server admins is not required anymore! You have full control over everything that happens on your game server.

Many functions are automated with the GSManager. All players that use for example bad words, unwanted nick names, banned weapons -  or do other things that you don't want to see on your server - will be detected automatically and get a warning and can be kicked / banned. After you have set up these rules all actions will be handled by the GSManager and you do not need any admin who is online to remove a player. The GSManager runs 24/7 and guards your server. Rules can be enforced easily this way.

The GSmanager runs like a Rcon tool and executes the commands trough an own layer on the gameserver. Having it run this way gives the advantage that you don't have to change the settings on the server itself which helps a lot to administrate your server.

The following commands and functions are currently supported:

  • Punishment system (Punishments are saved, warnings added and can cause a ban after X warnings)
  • Anti-Teamkill (with the !forgive function known from Battlefield 2)
  • GeoIP (You can use different welcome messages if a player comes from a different country. You can also block a whole country.)
  • Censor (Bad Names / Bad Words)
  • Banner (Advertising, Automessages)
  • Mapvote (Vote for the next map)
  • Pingkick (for high ping players)
  • Teambalancer (Currently just for un-even teams, Skillscrambler in work)
  • Random Mapcycle
  • Mapsettings (specific settings for a map)
  • Killing Spree Messages (First Blood, Knife Kill, Kill Streaks, Death Streaks)
  • Stats (MySQL / SQLite) - You can show these stats on your server or on your website
  • Voting (Map, Kick, Ban, Gametype Voting)
  • Weapon restrictions
  • Welcome messages (For groups or with placeholders like numbers, ranking positions or locations)

All common admin commands can be managed trough the GSManager like warn, kick, temporary ban, ban, kill, map, nextmap, info and so on. The possibilies are unlimited because you can add your own commands with placeholders anytime and use them later ingame.