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Unturned is a free-2-play game that allows you to create your own world where you have to fight zombies and defend yourself against other players. The game was released in July 2014 on Steam and is one of the 10 most played games on steam since then.

Surviving is one of they key aspects in Unturned. You have to gather food, weapons and medicaments - and you can find all these goods on your gameserver. Those resources will help you to survive and aid you fighting other players and zombies. You will also receive XP while you play to level up your character or items.

Unturned is an Early-Access game

Unturned is still in early-access development but is running stable. The game keeps getting updated by the developer Nelson Saxton with new content and will soon be released as a full and final version. You can rent your personal Unturned server at gamed! and download the game for free at Steam.

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Unturned FAQ

Time until I can access my server?

You will be able to access your ordered server as soon as we have received your payment.

Is there a contract duration?

if you order by contract then you have a minium duration of 1 month and cancel the contract 30 days before its renewal. If you have ordered the server as a prepaid product then there is no cancellation required.

Where are the Unturned servers located?

The Unturned multiplayer servers are located in Düsseldorf, Germany. From the Datacenter we have a direction connection to all our national and international customers. With direct lines to Amsterdam in the Netherlands (AMS-IX), Frankfurt in Germany (DE-CIX) und Zurich in Switzerland (Swiss-IX), we're hooked into the most important Internet Exchange points for customers. You'll find more info about our datacenter in the technology section.

What kind of hardware do you use?

Unturned servers require a lot of performance and ressources. We rely on powerful components made by Intel like Core i7 CPUs or newest Xeon CPUs. You can be confident that our game servers will always be able to provide sufficent performance.

Unturned Server

  • Hardware Intel Core i7 5820k
  • Software Linux
  • Slot 10 - 64
  • Slot / ab 0,79 €


  • Voiceserver available TS3, Mumble, Ventrilo
  • Fastdownload available 1-5 GB from 2 €
  • Database available For rankings or stats

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