Gerade ist ein Update für unsere Counter-Strike: Source Gameserver erschienen. Unsere Server werden zur Zeit bereits geupdatet und sollten in den nächsten Minuten mit der neuen Version zur Verfügung stehen. Dazu ist leider ein Gameserver-Neustart nötig.

Changelog (Quelle):

An update to Counter-Strike: Source has been released. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Limit the effective FOV of players using wide-screen resolutions with aspect ratios wider than 1.85:1. The sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov ConVar can be changed to remove the restriction or make the restriction also apply to full-screen players.
  • Fixed a demo playback crash
  • Changed the way bot counts are displayed in the server browser: the bot column is now next to the player column and always visible. Bot count is no longer subtracted from maxplayers.
  • Adjusted error messages on servers when players drop due to Steam authentication failure to be more clear
    Additional important server messages now go to the server log instead of just the console

  • Fixed the HUD radar not using the correct colors for players
  • Fixed the HUD radar background disappearing after level change
  • Fixed the class menu models not animating correctly

Folgende Files wurden geupdatet:

Updating Installation
Updating ‚Counter-Strike Source Shared Content‘ from version 123 to version 124

12.86% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/cstrike/bin/server.dll
33.85% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/cstrike/bin/server.dylib
62.05% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/cstrike/bin/server.so
75.15% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/cstrike/steam.inf

Checking/Installing ‚Base Source Shared Models‘ version 4

Checking/Installing ‚Base Source Shared Sounds‘ version 4

Checking/Installing ‚Base Source Shared Materials‘ version 8

Updating ‚Counter-Strike Source Linux Dedicated Server‘ from version 6 to version 7

76.32% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/datacache.so
78.02% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/dedicated.so
85.06% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/engine.so
85.67% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/libtier0.so
86.24% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/libvstdlib.so
89.83% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/materialsystem.so
91.96% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/replay.so
92.20% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/scenefilecache.so
92.50% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/shaderapiempty.so
93.01% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/soundemittersystem.so
95.15% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/studiorender.so
100.00% downloading /files/Counter-Strike_Source/css/bin/vphysics.so

HLDS installation up to date

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