=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta22 – 07 Jun 2010
– Fixed mirror selection of updater
– Typo and text corrections, updated German translation
– Fixed use of current identity name in statusbar. If an identiy was removed
but still used inside a bookmark, the old instead of default name was shown.
– Fixed channel edit trying to change codec or latency when those were reduced
due to permissions.
– Enabled dialog to ask for joining the servers default channel when maximum of
„max family clients“ is reached.
– No longer playing away notification when joining a server as „away“.
– Client was able to send an offline message to server.
– Fixed G15 plugin which did not detect connections properly.
– It is no longer possible to paste newlines into server/channel groups.
– The identity name now has the same length limitation as a nickanme.
– Fix bug in filetransfer where after a failed transfer a 0 byte file would
remain on the receiver end
– Mac: Fix issue that resulted in an outdated version of our updater being
– Linux: start scripts should now handle when they are executed from a
different location than in the client installation path
+ When using globally away on a server tab, new clients will join and set their
status also to away afterwards.
+ Added context menu to copy client uids to clipboard when listing all clients.

Der Client wird über Autoupdate verteilt. Eine neue Serverversion ist nicht nötig.

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