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Rent Minecraft Gameservers

Minecraft is a computer game where the player is put into a very large 3D landscape. The world consists almost entirely of cubes that can be processed in different ways.


The Minecraft-World consists of cube-shaped blocks, each consisting of a material, such as earth, wood or various ores. Nearly all blocks are biodegradable and can be taken either as or as a degradation product in inventory. The blocks can be dropped off to almost anywhere in the world, they are also combined in various forms and among other things, allow the construction of tools, weapons and armor.

The game features a twenty-minute day-night rhythm. While there is little danger during the day by monsters such as zombies, they appear everywhere on the surface at night and attack the player. So this is especially initially forced to build a safe house for the night.

For multi-player mode, there are no prescribed game server, it can rent instead of each one's own game server and play on an independent world. In Classic mode, there is a public list of servers in Survival mode, IP address and port of the server you want to be known.

Minecraft is available on the following gamed!de - Gameservers:

1/4 CPU Core
512 MB Ram
10 GB Space
8 Slots
Voiceserver cheaper
only 4,99 € / Month
1/2 CPU Core
1.024 MB Ram
10 GB Space
16 Slots
Voiceserver cheaper
only 9,99 € / Month
1 CPU Core
2.048 MB Ram
20 GB Space
36 Slots
Voiceserver cheaper
only 19,99 € / Month
2 CPU Core
4.096 MB Ram
20 GB Space
48 Slots
Voiceserver cheaper
only 34,99 € / Month
4 CPU Core
8.192 MB Ram
30 GB Space
64 Slots
Voiceserver cheaper
only 59,99 € / Month

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Voice server (Teamspeak 2 Teamspeak 3, Ventrilo ... and many more) can be booked separately. For our Minecraft customers only 15ct per slot per month. Free choice of the Voice Tools.

All Minecraft servers run on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge servers:
INTEL Core i7-2600, 4x 3,4 GHz, Hyperthreading, Turboboost
160 GB Intel 320 SSD